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Babies and young children love it! That's why Singing Babies is now one of the best selling baby videos. It is the most fun and entertaining way to teach your child the classic nursery rhymes and toddler tunes! Research shows that babies benefit from watching other babies. Infants learn to talk by studying the sounds and movement made by the human mouth. SINGING BABIES® creatively combines these research findings in a way that accelerates your child's rate of cognitive development, increases capacity to learn language, and enhances your child's natural musical ability.

"Toddler Tunes"
"Nursery Rhyme Time"

1. Row Row Row Your Boat

2. Mary Had A Little Lamb (video clip)

3. Working On The Railroad

4. Old MacDonald Had A Farm (video clip)

5. London Bridge

6. Ten Little Indians

7. Wheels On The Bus

8. Alphabet Song

9. This Old Man

10. If You're Happy And You Know It

11. Itsy Bitsy Spider

12. Three Blind Mice

13. Grand Old Duke Of York

14. Pop Goes The Weasel

15. Hokey Pokey

16. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (video clip)

17. Rock-a-bye Baby

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